Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's coming soon To The Moon and More

I'm getting a new design for To the Moon and More, much to my excitement! Joyce @Joyful Outfits will be designing my book blog, and I couldn't be more happy. (Pssst, her designs are super cute so if you're interested I highly suggest you check out her portfolio here if you're looking for a blog designer. <3)

I've been trying to start up my blog, and I promise I will try to have everything sorted out in the matter of a few weeks. Also, my Youtube page will be coming soon-- in correspondence to my book blog, of course. I'll be talking about books, books, and well, more books and giving mini reviews and thoughts and opinions on my YA book... vlog-blog? And here's bits of upcoming book reviews you should keep an eye out for:

And many, many more...
Some of these books I have gotten courtesy to Inkpop and Random Buzzers-- thank youuuu.
You guys have no idea how squirmy I am to show you more and I promise you have so much in store for this blog, and I'm unbelievably excited for it and trying hard too. I appreciate followers greatly, and reply to all comments. 

Happy reading!
With much love,


  1. Beautiful Creatures, Anna and the French Kiss, and Vanish are all great books and I hope you like them!
    Delirium is still one I need to read. Best of luck with your new blog =)

  2. Thank you so much-- oh! And thank you for commenting on my meme too, hehe. <3