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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit To The Moon and More. As you know, I love reviewing books and sharing thoughts. Here is my review policy answering my FAQ... 

To contact about giving reviews or requesting books please contact me on my email here.

About my reviews
I wouldn't necessarily call my reviews reviews because I'm not really one to give a bajillion word analysis on a book--blah, blah, blah. I just how I feel and what I'm feeling about a book. I give my honest thoughts and opinions. And no, it's not a total hate fest (but C'MON, I am a really picky reader at heart) because I like stating what I love about a book too, as equally much as what I don't like about it. I try to at least make some sort of recommendation to a demographic which I feel might enjoy it most. And well, all the reviews are written by yours truly, Bri, also the creator of this blog, too. I try to keep it short and usually to the point (though sometimes I let my own silliness get the best of me...)

Anywho, I keep my reviews to a minimum at 500-1000 words. It seems a bit daunting, but I'm one to talk about all things booky so sometimes I can't help but run my mouth about a book--which, in some instances, can be both a good and bad thing. What's usually packed into my reviews are:

  • How I came to read it in the first place...
  • My immediate thoughts!
  • Did I like it? Did I not like it? WHY.
  • Pros and cons; what's good, what's bad about the book (no book is perfect-- so I usually have a balance of both.)
  • Do I recommend it at all? To what audience?

So, what exactly does the ratings mean?
Ah, well it's a typical 5-star rating system! Basic, I know but it sticks! You know how it goes: 1 star sucks. 5 stars is amazing; 4 stars means it's great; 3 stars means it's good; 2 stars means it's okay. And in some rare cases there's the big 0 which basically means I hated it-- dare I remind you, this is on super rare occasions. Generally, I try to be positive on most books I read.

What is taken into consideration when you rate books?
Absolutely everything. For serious. Mentally, as I read, I start scaling a book on the matters of

  • The writing 
  • The plot
  • The characters
  • The settings
  • The overall book...
  • And etc, etc...
And a lot of other little things. But most importantly, whether or not I enjoyed reading it-- because that's the most important thing, right? Hard to grade the book when I'm not having fun in the process...

What genres do I accept?
I am a big YA lit fanatic. I am a teenager after all, so you will not typically find me posting or ever really mentioning adultish books, eroticas on this blog because that just isn't me. At all. A main focus on To The Moon and More are YA reads generally. But these are the genres I'm more acclimatized to in YA sub genres:
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Poetry/Novels in verse
I make exceptions here and there to different YA sub genres, but be reminded these are the ones I feel most comfortable reading. No I do not accept self-published copies.

What formats are accepted?
I am very accepting of ARC copies and finished copies and physical book copies (which I prefer) and e-books.

Would you like to suggest a book for review?
I'm really open to suggestions! If you have a book in need of reviewing or you just want to hear my thoughts, then I'm more than happy to see your suggestion here. Fill it out and I'll respond ASAP!!

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