Friday, September 27, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday: My Reading Nook Tour

This is my second time joining Alison Can Read and Parajunkee's lovely book meme Feature and Follow Friday. This week, I'll be sharing my favorite reading spots--so yay! My little reading nook *squee* I'm at my home, and living in a small town, there aren't too many of the coziest of reading places--especially considering we're on the brink of fall (and the Northeast isn't too kind when it comes to chillier seasons.) 

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

I don't have too many pictures to offer (sadly) and I know my place is super obvious but here it is... the library. Obvious, obvious, obvious. Doh! Of all places, that's what I picked. But I love the quietness of the library, because I can never seem to get it at home (siblings, family and all); the backyard isn't exactly quieting so I always retreated to the library when-- of course, in need of a good book and some quiet to clear my thoughts. Utter perfection. Not to mention, as a teen volunteer there they have an amazing teen selection-- which is another reason for me to love this place.

So, hi! What's your favorite reading nook? Have a FF post? Please share! 

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  1. I love reading at the library as well, It is so quiet and I love browsing the shelves to find my next favorite book

    I'm a new GFC follower
    Sarah @ The Ultimate Bookworms.

    My FF.

    1. It's an amazing feeling. Thank you so much for following!

  2. I loved reading in the library when i was a teen. Here is mine:

    1. I'll be sure to check out yours as well, thank you for visiting!

  3. The library is a great choice - oodles of books at your fingertips :0)
    Have a great weekend. New follower!

  4. mmm there is no place like the library. i used to work as a "page" at my local library in high school for $5.50 an hour and it was the best job ever! i just shelved books while listening to headphones and if i finished early i could hang out in the back room which was always stocked with candy. i want that job again! (with a living wage.) anyway just found you via FF...check out my FF @ moydrookreads if you have the chance! i am also pretty new at this...well not new exactly but i've just come back after a 3 yr hiatus during which i lost almost all my followers! looking forward to reading posts from you in the future :-)

    xtina @ moydrookreads

  5. The library is my safe haven as well for when my house gets to crowded and loud. You can always trust it to be calm & relaxing!
    Thanks for stopping by! New follower. :-)
    Megan @ Books i View

  6. Hahaha. You are so lucky that your library is good. Our local library here is obsolete and is qualified for donation to the antique shop. It's not regularly stocked and the books there were published during the 19forgotten era.

    I can't seem to find your twitter button but I think I already followed you. Anyway, new follower on GFC.