Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fangirlish: To Be a Fangirl

Needless to say, Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl really had me thinking about what it really means to be a fangirl to begin with. Cath, the story's protagonist, is a total fangirl (she's even has the Simon Snow pillows to prove it.) So, I was compelled to write this piece on To Be a Fangirl. It isn't so much bookish talk but my writing, my thoughts, and what it really means to be a fangirl. Thoughts?

Admittedly, I am a total, complete, utter fangirl.
            Yes, I’ll get squeamish when a Sailor Moon re-run comes on. Hell, I’ll spazz when it’s a Harry Potter movie marathon—but it’s that, yet so much more, to earn the title of being the fangirl.
            Look up what a fangirl is, and you’ll be knocked for six by this definition: (n.) “a rabid breed of a human female who’s obsessed with a fictional character or actor.” (Well, gee, thanks Urban Dictionary!)
            So, let’s set the record straight.
            The sad truth is: not all of us have the money to exploit in the pleasures of being in a fandom. I might not have the latest Fault in Our Stars t-shirt, or the newest pack of Hunger Games trading cards, but it doesn’t at all discourage me from at least trying to fandomize myself. And, pathetically so. Even by the means of—(cringe!)—making my own costumes and fangirlish items.
            Point being is… we’re not all crazy. It isn’t so much having all the fandom’s exclusive content which makes you—or me—any more different than any other fan to be a fangirl. I’ll talk like the characters; I’ll memorize their lines in books, movies—everything. Rereading. Reading. Watching. Rewatching. It’s like a pattern.
            To me, that’s exactly what makes me a fangirl. Having all the sanity sucked right out of you. Yup, I can admit fandomization has driven me to insanity (as if you haven’t…) But it isn't just wearing a costume to a movie premiere  reblogging and reblogging that picture from your favorite fandom's Tumblr--well, that; yet so much more. It's waiting on your last breath to get that chance--that one chance--to embrace what you love once more, to read, to watch, to fall in love with it all over again.
You might not spend all your money on your fandom’s content, but the source material still manages to engross you and that, my friend, is A-OK. I’ll sleep with the books I fangirl over, I’ll keep reading, I’ll keep watching their movies.
It never gets old. When it does, it’ll be time to find a new fandom to immerse into. And if it doesn’t, needless to say, you are crazy.

And that’s okay.

What it means for you to be a fangirl prompt, 500 words or less. This was a short piece I wrote for Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl contest on Wattpad. (c) 2013


  1. This was so sweet. You have a big plans for your writing future or what?:)

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books

    1. :) I just wrote this for fun, but maybe . . . not quite sure yet. Aww, thanks for reading. ^.^