How it started
To The Moon and More was started because I am a teenage girl with just way too many books and too much time on my hands. That, and I love love love reading and hoped to share my passion with others and see where it will take me and readers! And thus—taa daa!—To The Moon and More was born.

Well, this blog is mostly about YA books, book news, a TON of book reviews, and my little misadventures too.  It’s called To The Moon and More because I just love how reading a book can take you places to where you’ve never been, love those you’ve never even known. Can't wait to share these places with you! :)

and here's a bit about me...
This blog is run by me, Brianna, 16, and I’m a bit of a compulsive book buyer, Nerdfighter, lover of vintage frocks (or anything vintage, really), and total fangirl. I’m a super random, shy, but a really silly girl at heart. And well, I love reading! Admittedly, I have a big book addiction and a jam-packed shelf (which I currently need to make more room for, aha). I am also an aspiring writer and I write lots-- mostly poetry and flash fiction. Whether it's writing a story or writing reviews or blogging or reading, I always seem to have my head ducked in something new. Also! Some random facts about me:

  • I absolutely love manga. Sailor Moon and Ouran High School Host Club and Nyatto are just a little handful of my favorite mangas.
  • I've played the guitar since I was 9...
  • John Green is one of my favorite authors.
  • I have a fear of mayo and I think bananas are weird but they're my favorite fruit
  • Hoobla is one of my favorite things to say. Also pie. I like pie.
  • I really love Disney movies (even if I'm a little too old for them :P)
  • New York and Boston are some of my favorite cities
If you'd like to contact me, or have questions about my blog, requests, etc. feel free to email me at britatos@outlook.com. Thanks!

With much love,

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