Friday, September 27, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination-- *squee*

So I was given the Liebster Blogger award. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it sounds really exciting and now I'm really excited. Thank you so much to Jaz @ This Girl Reads A Lot for nominating me! My day has been suckish, and I know this week I have been neglectful to my blog due to being super busy with school but this has made me feel happy about my blog. I cannot stop yaying, aaah!

In return, I was asked to answer the following questions by Jaz:

1.Paperback or Hardcover? Why?

Paperback, totally. No hard feelings (no pun intended), I love hardcover books equally as much as I love me paperbacks but sometimes I'm just really reluctant to pay $20 for a hardcover when I can get it for half the amount in paperback AND have a flimsy, soft cover. It's a win win situation.

2.Favorite book to movie adaptation.


3. Favorite time of day to read and why.
Nighttime. I cannot focus on reading any other time during the day, which is a mystery even to me. But something about it being late and quiet, actually having the time to enjoy my coffee and appreciate the words on the printed pages makes it all worthwhile.

4. Top five favorite fictional characters.

Curses. I have too many but, I'll do my best . . .

1. Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club (both the manga and anime) 
Tamaki might be a control freak, obsessive, spoiled, and seriously effed up in the head sometimes-- but he's endearing, and did you see his blonde hair?! Gorgeous. 

2. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus always been among one of my favorite characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. Just . . . how he is as a person and what he stands for is what I think makes him most admirable and amiable. A definite favorite.

3. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
Sorry, I'm susceptible to liking ginger boys-- and Ron is no exception to this.

4. Isaac from TFiOS
Personally, I felt like Isaac was a severely underrated character. What ever happened to Isaac and Monica? Okay, when you finish this book you'll have a lot of questions-- but for a good part of the book, I felt like Isaac could've done so much more. I was unsure what to think of him at first, but the moment he read his eulogy, I think I liked hearing his dialogue. And a lot. (Natt Wolf is playing Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars movie!)

5. Magneto from X-Men
'Cause. Magneto.
'Nough said, he's a badass and did you see Michael Fassbender as Magneto in X-Men first class? I love the relationship he has with Charles.

5. Recommend three books.

*scavenges through bookshelf*
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Lost Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Pendragon Series by DJ Mchale (That counts as a book, right? Sort of.)

6. Name one book you couldn't put down and read in one sitting.

I actually never came close to reading a book in one sitting--my mind can never focus for that long. But most recently with Fangirl, I came to halfwayish through the book (and for me, that's close enough.)

7. Favorite fictional villian

Too, too many to count. But I really like good ol' Voldemort from The Harry Potter series as well as The Joker from Batman being among a few of my favorites.

8. Favorite snack.

I really like protein bars and Nature valley bars. Yup.

9. Why do you blog and when did you start blogging.

I blog because I have a lot of things to say. Or rather, I have something to say. I want to give honest thoughts and books and opinions and plus, I'm a major bibliophile and I needed somewhere to channel all my feels and fangirlish feelings somewhere, right? I started blogging August 31st of this year!

10. Favorite genre and why.

Contemporary. Fantasy. Romance. Action. Thriller. DAMN. This is too hard. I love every genre (except historical, sorry; oh and memoirs, I do not care for memoirs much) as long as it's a good book and I like it then it's my favorite genre. But essentially? Young adult. It's all I ever read.

*I will have my updated list with my blog nominations very soon.*


  1. LOL. These answers! I personally love Hardcovers because I think they lay and stay better but of course I wind up with mostly paperback because they're cheaper. I also love a good memoir. I think When I was Puerto Rican is an excpetional memoir I read in college. I loved it so much I read the other two! I think I've read alot of books in one sitting. I'm always in competiton with myself to see how quick I can read a book. I love alot of genres as well.

    Great answers!! Love it.

    1. I think I'm completely bias for not liking memoirs, but I did take a look at When I Was Puerto Rican after you told me and it looks beautiful as well the story. Added to my TBR, definitely. I wish I could do the same though, I always challenge myself to read a book faster the next time but I always finish it in... 6 days or less, aha. Thank you so much again for nominating me! <3

  2. Me too, I prefer paperbacks over hardcover just because it's cheaper and I feel like I could fit in more books on my bookshelf if my books were in paperback. I love young adult books too, and my favorite sub-genre of that are Contemporary and Science Fiction. I don't like historical books either. I get really bored with those easily (that's why I didn't like Cassandra Clare's books so much). Congrats on the award :)